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The Cumberland County Conservation District was formed in June 1944 according to Kentucky Revised Statues (KRS 262) for the purpose of assisting farmers, agricultural agencies, business persons, civic clubs, churches, schools and other interested groups and individuals working closley with the Soil Conservatin District.  The district is charged with developing and carrying out conservation programs for the districts renewal natural resorces.


The district is a member of both the National and Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts.  The district works with these two associations to promote natural resources development and maintian in contact with local, state and federal government leaders to keep abreast of legislation which could affect the district programs. 

Board of Supervisors:                                                                    Office Staff:

Jeff Mowers, Chairman                                                                  Wanda J Gilbert

Jeff Alexander, Vice Chairman                                            District Administrative Secretary

Tony Nation, Secretary

Diane Poindexter, Treasurer

Jeff Pickens, Member

Dale McClusky, Member

John Phelps, Member

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