"11th Annual Greenlight-A-Vet Events - November 10th   

Holden and Ireland Tweedy.HEIC
Holden and Ireland Tweedy received a Green Light to show support to our Veterans.  Green is the color of "Hope".   67 Community Members received a green light bulb to replace a white light bulb on their front porch to shine on Veterans Day and throughout the year. 

"11th Annual Energy Conservation Events - November 10th   

Jeannie Will and Judith de Tessieres.HEIC
Jeannie Will and Judith de Tessieres exchanged "2" working incandescent light bulbs for "2' LED light bulbs along with 67 other Community Members.  LED light bulbs save approximately 30% more energy than incandescent light bulbs.  

Safety Workshop 

Wanda J. Gilbert CCCD DAS taught a” Safety Workshop” on October 26th at the Cumberland County Conservation District office located at 329 Keen Street. 


The workshop consists of “5” Sessions (Farm Safety, Home Risk, Wintertime Hazards, Wood Burning and First Aid Kits).

1 - Farm Safety – Tip Sheets and Brochures on: Farm Safety.   

2 – Home Risk - Tip Sheets on:  The 9 Safety Must Have for Every Home.

3 – Wintertime Hazards - Tip Sheets on Driving on Icy Roads, Walking on Snow and Ice.

4 – Wood Burning – Tip Sheet on Wood Burning Safety. 

5 – First Aid Kits – Tip Sheets on Supplying Your First Aid Kit


CCCD purchased each attendee a Smoke Detectors; First Aid Kit; Hand Sanitizer and Ear Plugs;


Workshop attendees:  George Smith; Nancy Ciraldo; Joyce Howlett, Avo Huddleston and Judith de Tessieres along with 16 other local community members.  

Safety Workshop.HEIC