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Earth Day   April 22nd

                            Cumberland County Conservation District

                                    Earth Day 20th Annual Event



Earth Day was founded on April 22, 1970 as a day of education about environmental issues and to demonstrate support for environmental protection. This year celebrated the 51st Anniversary.  The Soil Conservation office gave a way “Day Lily” to local community members.  29 community members received “2 Day Lilies” each.  Pictured is: Rachel Capretti received her day lilies.   

National Gardening Day   April 14th

National Gardening Day Display.HEIC

                      Cumberland County Conservation District

                                 National Gardening Day Event



National Gardening Day was April 14th.  The Soil Conservation office gave a way “Vegetable Seeds” to local community members.  A total of 41 community members received 5 FREE packs of different varieties of vegetable seeds each.  Pictured is Jennifer Tweedy receiving vegetable seeds.

Jennifer Tweedy receiving her Vegetable Seeds.HEIC

Kentucky Arbor Day    April 7th

                        Cumberland County Conservation District

                                 20th Annual Arbor Day Event



Kentucky observes Arbor Day on the first Friday in April.  The best way to celebrate Arbor Day is to plant trees. Due to inventory shortage the Soil Conservation office was unable to get 1 gallon Fruit Trees at this time.  Substituted with Daylily. Several community members received daylilies. Pictured is Carla Willett with her Daylily.    

Spring Tree and More Sale      April 5th

                     Cumberland County Conservation District

7th Annual Spring Trees and Landscaping Items Sale was a “Huge” success.


Items consist of: Fruit Trees; Flowering Shrubs; Raspberries; Blueberries; Blackberries; Ornamental Trees; Shade Trees; Landscaping Items and more.  Pictured and a special “THANK YOU” to Mark Lee; Carl Dubre and John Gilbert for volunteering their time to help with this event. Pictured is Gregg Markowski and Michael Antonchak picking up their order.


The Fall Sale will start in July 2023.

Spring Strawberry Plant Sale      April 5th

                      Cumberland County Conservation District

                              Spring Strawberry Plant Sale


 6th Annual Strawberry Plant Sale was a huge success.  Local families purchased over 4000 of the Jewell and Earliglow varieties.   Pictured is Buddy Wray picking up his strawberry plants order.

World Water Day    March 22nd

                          Cumberland County Conservation District

                                       “World Water Day” Event


World Water Day was March 22nd.  The 2023 theme is “accelerating change” to highlight the importance of Fresh Drinking Water.  Cumberland County Conservation District held an event on March 22nd from 2:00pm – 4:00pm; giving away Rain Guages and Lead in Water Testing Kit.  Jewell and Dale Appleby along with 18 other community members came by the Soil Conservation office.

National Ag Day   March 21st 

                         Cumberland County Conservation District

“                              National Agriculture Day” Event


National Ag. Day was March 21st this year during Agriculture Week.  Everything we eat, use or wear every day is provided by agriculture.  So today we are celebrating agriculture and thanking the people who work hard to feed the world, look after crops and livestock and contribute to agricultural production.  NO FARMS NO FOOD is more important today than ever.  Cumberland County Conservation District held an event on March 21st; giving away No Farms No Food stickers and NO FARM NO FOOD rubber bracelets to CCHS FFA Greenhouse Class Students and Local Farmers.  Pictured is: FFA Greenhouse Class Students and Rondall Garmon, Local Farmer.    

National Plant a Flower Day   March 15th 

                          Cumberland County Conservation District

                           Celebrate National Plant A Flower Day 


The Cumberland County Conservation District celebrated National Plant A Flower Day (March 12th).  This day is celebrating the upcoming Spring season by bidding farewell to winter and looking forward to sunny weather.  CCCD held an event on March 15th from 2-4 pm.  Brenda Key along with 23 other community members visited the soil conservation office and received “5-FREE” packets of Flower Seeds.  The flower seed packets were: Shasta Daisy; Moss Rose; Chrysanthemum; Hollyhock and Lupine.

Brenda Key - Plant A Flower Day.HEIC
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