K-2 Halloween Coloring Contest

Finleigh Vincent.HEIC
Arianna Cadaret.HEIC
Sawyer Walker.HEIC

Arianna Cadaret

(Overall K - Mrs. Savannah)


Sawyer Walker

   (Overall 1 - Mrs. Spears)


Finleigh Vincent

     (Overall 2 - Mrs. Owens)


  NACD Poster Contest - Healthy Forests Healthy Communities

Rylea Anderson - Overall K.HEIC
Kinley Radford - Overall 1.HEIC
Charley Garner - Overall 2.HEIC
Gritt Hix - Overall 3.HEIC

Ryle Anderson

  (Overall K - Mrs. Sarah)


Kinley Radford

  (Overall 1 - Mrs. Spears)


Charley Garner

      (Overall 2 - Mrs. Lori)


       Gritt Hix

     (Overall 3 - Mrs. Karen)


Ryle Killman - Overall 4.HEIC
Aubrey Cyphers - Overall 5.HEIC
Ashton Bryant - School.HEIC

    Ryle Killman

     (Overall 4 - Mrs. Flowers)


Aubrey Cyphers

    (Overall 5 - Mrs. Parrigin)


     Aston Bryant

(Overall School - Mrs. Henderson)


   Jim Claypool Art and Conservation Writing 
                                Photos to come soon

                  Art: Grade K-5          Writing:  Grade 6-12