Programs Fenruary 6 - March 8, 2019

FREE Soil Test

                                                           Accepting applications.  FREE Soil Test.  3 per household 
                                                               Limited Funds Available - First Come First Serve Basis. 

Pasture and Hayland Broadleaf Weeds Chemical 

         Accepting applications.  Limit "1" per household.  50% cost share up to $100
                     Limited Funds Available; First Come First Served Basis

Spring 2019 Trees, Flowering Shrubs, Blueberry Bushes, etc. Sale

         Fruit Trees, Evergreen, Shade and Ornamental, Blueberry Bushes, Blackberry Bushes, Grapes, etc.      

Spring 2019 Strawberry Plants Sale

         June Bearers and Everbearing Varieties Available.


District Equipment to Rent / Lease

"2" 300 gallon Sprayers
"2" No-Till Drill Seeders

Stalford 5 ton Lime Spreader

Livestock Disposal (Dead Animal Burial) Program

Geo-Textile (Filter Fabric) for sale at cost

KY Agricultural Water Quality Plans

Agricultural Districts

Backyard Conservation Project

                  Publish Information Publications


   Conservation Connection (weekly newspaper article)


         Discover Conservation (monthly newsletter)

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